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Seven Unbelievable Benefits of Olives

Fruits are a gift of nature to the human body. Without fruits our lives would be colourless and bodies dull as nearly all fruits have a huge amount of benefits to the human body. Not a lot of people know that in terms of nutritional value Olives come on the top of list as they have benefits that go beyond our imagination. From reducing the effects of degenerative diseases to blood clot prevention, olives are amazingly beneficial for us in terms of the nutritional value they provide. Not only that, they also taste pretty good. Here are some facts about health benefits of olives:

  1. Vitamin E:

Olives are a great source of vitamin E which is important for blood clot prevention as it is Vitamin E that repairs damaged skin. Vitamin E is also known to be a powerful antioxidant as it helps strengthening the hair. Last but not the least, vitamin E helps reducing PMS symptoms which might include cramps and anxiety. All the benefits can be gained from the direct consumption of olives.

  1. Fertility and Reproductive System:

Olives can largely help women to remain fertile and maintain their reproductive systems. Since olives are naturally nutritious in in minerals including potassium, iron, magnesium, phosphorus and sodium they actively help in enhancing our reproductive systems.

  1. Appetite Control:

One of the miracles of olives is the fact that it can reduce one’s appetite by up to 20%. This is an astonishing figure and a must know for someone who’s looking to lose some weight. The major reason behind the reduction of one’s appetite is because an olive has monounsaturated fatty acids that slows down the digestion process. This in turn gives signals the brain to not eat more.

  1. Stress:

Olive consumption is known to reduce stress as it has properties of being an antioxidant which offers protection to the cells. Olives also contain a compound known as Polyphenois, which naturally reduces stress and improves cognitive ability of the brain.

  1. Appearance:

As olives are a vital source of vitamin E as they actively help to improve our physical appearance. Not only it repairs damaged skin but wrinkles can disappear completely if olives are consumed on a regular basis. The basic reason why olives are good for your skin is because of the fact that is contains oleic acid which actively helps in maintaining the softness and health of our skin.

  1. A source of Dietary Fibre:

Olives are a great source of dietary fibre which obviously comes with a lot of benefits. Bowel movements get better which ultimately helps one to maintain overall bowel health. It also softens the stool and sustains its size.

  1. Iron:

Did you know that just one cup of olives has 4.4mg of iron! Daily consuming a cup of olives maintains the haemoglobin levels in the blood.

The staggering facts described above just might change how you looked at olives. This little fruit comes with tremendous nutritional value and should definitely become a part of your daily life!